Four Signs A Storage Facility Is Safe And Secure

When you pay to keep your items in a storage unit, you're not paying just for the space but also for someone else to ensure your items are kept safe and secure. Sadly, not all storage units are as safe and secure as they could be. In order to ensure the facility you're considering leasing space at is as secure as possible, look for these four signs:

There is a staff office on-site

Avoid leasing from a facility where the office is located off-site and there are no employees at the actual storage facility. This arrangement is very appealing to thieves and other dishonest individuals; once they figure out there are no on-site staff, robberies may become a regular problem. A facility with a staff office on-site is much safer, since there will be someone around to take care of any issues that arise. Staff presence also serves as a simple deterrent for thieves.

Pay close attention to the office hours when you're checking out a facility, too. A facility whose staff are there only a few hours per day on select days is less ideal than one that is staffed daily.

There are multiple security cameras placed throughout the facility

One camera placed near the driveway entrance or office is not enough. There should be several cameras throughout the grounds positioned in such a manner that they're able to capture any action in front of any of the storage compartments. This way, if something does go missing from your unit, you know there will be footage of the actual theft taking place -- not just dubious footage of an unknown person pulling into the driveway.

If you're not able to spot the cameras yourself when touring a facility, ask a staff member to point them out. If you don't see a camera set up to directly observe the exact unit you're thinking of leasing, ask if you can lease a different unit that is under camera surveillance, or simply move on to another facility.

The facility allows you to bring your own lock or reset a keypad

The problem with storage facilities that have pre-set locks on their units is that anyone who previously used that unit may have made a copy of the key to hang onto. The key could be used to access and steal your things. To ensure this does not happen, only lease from a facility that allows you to provide your own padlock. Some higher-end storage facilities put keypad access systems on their doors, allowing you to select your own secret pass code. This is acceptable, too, as long as you're careful to only share that pass code with people you know and trust.

The facility is well lit

Most robberies occur after dark, and if the place is not well lit, you can't guarantee the cameras will catch the action. Good lighting also deters nefarious activity. Not only will it keep thieves away while you're not around, but it will also keep you safe if you have to visit your storage unit during the night.

Don't just visit during the day and look for light poles; they may not work. Visit the storage facility you're considering leasing from after dark, and make sure the entire path from the street to the unit you'd be leasing is well illuminated.

There's no sense putting your items in storage only to have them stolen due to a lack of security. Choose a facility with cameras, good lighting, staff on site, and secure locks, and you'll reduce your risk of property loss and damage. If a facility does not meet these specifications, don't be afraid to say "no thank you" and move on to the next one.

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