5 Reasons Professional Packers Are Faster Than You

Generally, moving is a long process that takes a lot of time and energy. Common advice suggests that you start planning and sorting for your move weeks in advance. But what if you don't have weeks? Sometimes the sell of a home goes through faster than you expected or a new job needs you to start immediately and you find that instead of two months, you have less than a week to plan, pack, and execute your move.

If you are under a strict deadline, one of the best time-saving tips is to hire professional packers. While it may take you a week or more to pack your home, many professional moving companies can pack a large home in a day, and a small apartment in just a few hours. There are several reasons that professionals are more likely faster than you are. Here is why you should consider hiring a moving company, especially in a last minute move scenario.


Unless you have a job that causes you to regularly move, chances are that you have not completed many moves. This means that you probably do not have a lot of packing experience. Professional movers, on the other hand, complete one or two moves a day. This means that your packing team can probably set up boxes, assess items for fragility, pack, and seal faster than you can.  

Appropriate Materials 

Despite advice to purchase new packing materials in larger quantities than you think you will need, many people insist on using old boxes and stuffing smaller items into other items to save space and money. A professional packing team will probably not save you money on materials, but they do have more than enough packing materials on hand to efficiently pack your belongings. This not only means that your packing will proceed more quickly, but also that your items are also more likely to be protected against breaking during transport. 

No Emotional Attachment 

It is easy to get distracted while you are packing. You might find yourself flipping through a photo album or wondering if you really need to keep your ex-boyfriend's t-shirt. A professional packing team does not have a similar attachment to your belongings. They can place items into boxes without a second glance whereas you might find yourself regularly losing time reminiscing. 

Little Concern About Where Items Will Be Placed In The New Home

Similar to having no emotional attachment to your belongings, professional movers are not usually concerned with where items will end up in your new home. Generally, professional packers work by area. This means that they will quickly pack the belongings on your bookshelf together.

However, you might know that half of the items on the bookshelf will end up in your new bedroom while the other half will end up in the living room. To make unpacking easier, you may feel the need to separate these belongings into two boxes. While this will save you time and effort unpacking, it makes the packing process go more slowly, wasting time that you might not have during a last minute move. 

A Larger Team 

If you are really stressed for time, you can request a larger packing team. This is especially helpful if you do not have friends or family nearby that can help you pack. The added numbers can make a large packing project proceed quickly. However, the larger team will generally cost you more. 

While packing your own belongings can give you the opportunity to sort out items you no longer need, save you money, and make unpacking easier, it may not be a luxury that you have time for if you are facing an emergency relocation. Hiring professionals can keep your move stress free and on schedule. 

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