4 Ways to Make Sure Your Boat Is Clean Before Storing It

If you need to put your boat away for a while, you are going to want to make sure that your boat is clean before you put it in storage. A clean boat will weather a stint in storage much better than a boat that hasn't been properly prepared for inactivity.

#1 Focus on the Bottom

One of the dirtiest parts of your boat is going to be the bottom part of your boat that resided inside of the water. Water creatures may attach themselves to the bottom of your boat, and slime can build up on it as well.

Start by using a pressure washer to clean your boat when it is being held upright on your trailer. A pressure washer is a great way to remove items that are stuck to your boat. Then, go back over your boat with a scrub brush, working loose any grim that will just not let go, then do another pass with the pressure washer.

You want the bottom of your boat to be as clean as possible. You may also want to put on a protective layer of wax after you clean the bottom of your boat to protect it further.

#2 Wash Out the Inside

Next, wash out the inside of your boat as well. The inside of your boat should have a drain in it that you can open up to release the water. Set your pressure washer to a low setting, and use your pressure washer to clean the inside of your boat. In addition to dirt, you'll want to remove any crumbs and other trash. You don't want to leave behind food scraps that will attract pests to your boat.

#3 Wipe Down Compartments

Next, use cleaning wipes to wipe down all compartments on your boat. Anything that you can open up, you are going to want to clean. Be sure to wipe the sides and bottom of all compartments. You may also want to vacuum them out if there is a lot of debris inside of your compartments.

#4 Clean Upholstery

If you have upholstery on your boat that you can remove, take it off and wash it. Make sure that it is dry before putting it back on your boat. If possible, store any upholstery and cloth items inside of plastic storage bins while your boat is in storage. 

Before putting your boat in storage, make sure that you clean away all the debris on the outside and the inside of your boat, and be sure to store any cloth items separately in a plastic container. 

​For more storage tips or to find a place to store your boat, contact a local storage facility, such as Delray Storage Co.