Tips For Moving Into A Smaller Home

If you are about to move into a new residence that is smaller than your current one by a good margin, you might have some decisions to make when it comes to which belongings you will bring with you. To that end, here are some tips that could help the process go more smoothly for you and your family.

Donate, Throw Away, and Keep

As you move through each room in your house, you will no doubt come across a lot of possessions that you might not use that often anymore. Be honest with yourself, and if it's really been a while since you've worn a certain dress or used that particular tool box in your garage, you should decide to get rid of it.

You can make life easier by creating three separate labels or piles as you move through the house. One pile will be things you donate, one will be things that you will keep, and the last will be things that you should probably just throw away.

Figure Out the Bigger Items First

You can take a load off of your mind by figuring out what is going to happen to your largest or most complex belongings first. Donate that old furniture set in the basement to the local housing charity and so on. Once the largest items are sorted and taken care of, you will have greater peace of mind and won't feel as rushed while you work through your smaller belongings.

One Room at a Time

Another strategy you could use when downsizing your possessions is to concentrate on just one room at a time. This will give you a sense of satisfaction and progress as you move from room to room. Start with rooms you don't use as often, as you can likely get through everything in the room more quickly than you can, say, your living room or bedroom.

Consider Long-Term Storage

Plenty of moving companies also offer storage facilities for customers who can't take everything with them. If after you are done sorting you still have more stuff than you have room for, consider the benefits of renting a storage unit either through your moving company or through a self-storage option.

Let the Movers Help You

Your moving company can help you with this process as well. First, they can help you pack the items you are going to keep so you can spend more time focused on donating or selling old items before the big day. Second, most moving companies are willing to haul away unwanted items after the move is over, sometimes for an additional fee. This could help you get rid of certain items if you are moving in a hurry and don't have time to get rid of everything on your own. For more information, contact a local moving company.