How To Make Working With Movers Easier

Having a professional moving services team lend a hand can be a difference-maker. Even with the pros involved, though, moving usually has some complexities. There are a few things you can do, though, to make the whole process easier.

Make Sure Everyone Can Stay in Contact

Collect business phone numbers from all the movers who'll be helping you. Even if there's a home office for the moving services provider, it's wise to make sure you can reach individual movers while they're driving in case they get off on the wrong path. Likewise, make sure they have phone numbers they can get in contact with you on.

Rules, Rules, Rules

Unless you're dealing with a large property, it's a good idea to contact your local code enforcement officer and the police to find out where you can park moving vehicles. If there are permit rules or specific days when parking in a spot is allowed, try to work around these.

Know the Rescheduling Policy

People have to reschedule for many reasons, ranging from storms to work emergencies. If you have to make new arrangements, it's good to know how close to moving day you can make changes without forfeiting your deposit.

Get Rid of Stuff Through Yard Sales and Online Marketplaces

You can pay someone else to move an item you might not care too much about, or someone else can pay you to take it away. Find the stuff in your current home you don't need or can easily replace. Figure out what can be sold through yard sales, eBay, Facebook marketplace and other outlets. Anything that's left when you're done can be gifted to friends and family members, or you can donate it to a charity like Goodwill.

Organize What's Going Out

First, make friends with a labeler and a marker. Acquire sturdy boxes, and make sure that everything gets a label indicating where it came from and where it's going. It's also wise to note the contents.

Second, try to organize the herd of boxes, appliances, and furniture according to what the movers need to put in the truck first. Generally, the heaviest stuff will go in the back. If you have items that need special attention, such as a large mirror that will have to be protected with padding, put these items in a group so you can make sure the movers take care of them properly. Reach out to a company like Baker Moving for more help.