Avoid Damaging Your Piano During A Lengthy Move With Assistance From A Professional Piano Moving Company

Your piano may be a prized possession – a decorative piece that adds elegance to your home while allowing you to practice your craft as you learn to play different songs. Because it holds such value, you probably dread leaving it behind while you plan your lengthy move but aren't sure how to transport it without causing damage to it. Luckily, you won't need to move your piano behind because professional piano movers will handle the work for you, ensuring your piano arrives at its new home in pristine condition.

How Will the Professionals Carefully Move the Piano?

After you've hired a piano moving company, they will ask you a few questions about it, such as the name of the brand and the model of the piece, which helps them determine its weight and specific dimensions. They need to know the information in advance because it lets them know how many team members they will need to have helping and what equipment they should bring to complete the move.

Once they've gathered the basic information from you and arrived at your property on moving day, the piano movers will take the following steps to get your musical instrument into the new place:

Covering the Piano

As one of the first and most critical tasks completed during the piano moving process, the professionals must wrap your piano in protective padding to keep it from getting scratched or dented while in transit. Along with padding, they may place furniture blankets over the piano for extra protection.

Attaching Staps Around the Piano

Next, the movers may wrap straps around the piano, securing the straps to ensure the piano won't slide while transported.

Lifting and Moving

Once the straps are secure, the movers can carefully lift the piano following a specific protocol. The team members will review the plan before lifting begins to get everyone on the same page and ensure the move is successful. If the piano is too heavy, the movers may use a dolly or other equipment to help.

While these are the primary steps, the movers still have an important job – getting the piano to its new home without damage. Of course, this means securing the piano into a sizable moving van or flatbed truck and driving carefully throughout the trip.

Don't leave your coveted piano behind just because you're moving. Let the professional piano movers do the work involved, such as covering it with protective padding, lifting the piano, and hauling it.

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