Moving With An Arthritic Back - How To Reduce Injury Concerns

If you have a large house full of goods and belongings that need to be relocated relatively quickly, then it is wise to rely on professionals to complete the move in a timely manner. However, if you have some time on your hands, then you can start moving some of your items before the big move day. If you intend on moving some large pieces of furniture, then you may end up hurting your back, especially if you have arthritis.

Tips For Packing And Moving Your Home Office To A New Residence

Moving can be a stressful, yet important event for many. Whether you are moving to your first home within the same town or relocating to an entirely new state, the packing, organizing, and moving process can be overwhelming. If you work from a home office, the moving process can be even more challenging due to the importance of storing and moving your telecommuting supplies and documents in a timely, organized manner.

Storage Techniques That Can Make Your Long Distance Move More Convenient

Moving long distance to create a new life is typically an exciting experience for the most part, but some stress isn't uncommon when it comes to planning and executing all of the specific details of your move. In addition to choosing a new home to live in, having all of your services transferred to the new place, and finding new health, financial, and family services for your household, you have to think about the leg work of actually packing and transporting your stuff from the old home to your new one.

4 Ways To Save Money On Your Local Move

It's nice to fantasize about performing your local move with nothing more than a pickup truck, some friends and a couple of thank-you pizzas -- but in reality, most people who own a houseful of belonging need to rely on local moving services for the bulk of the job. This doesn't mean, however, that you have to pay top dollar on moving day. Here are four tips for controlling the cost of your next move.

5 Reasons Professional Packers Are Faster Than You

Generally, moving is a long process that takes a lot of time and energy. Common advice suggests that you start planning and sorting for your move weeks in advance. But what if you don't have weeks? Sometimes the sell of a home goes through faster than you expected or a new job needs you to start immediately and you find that instead of two months, you have less than a week to plan, pack, and execute your move.